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Award Winning Real Estate Team buried with far too many buyer and seller leads needs very ambitious, hard working, driven,motivated,people-friendly agents in our East Cobb Marietta office.

Hi, I'm Ira Miskin, the Team Leader of a rapidly growing Real Estate Sales Team located in East Cobb. My team and I are stuck working late most every day because we’ve just got too many buyers and sellers to get to. We simply have more than my team and I can handle. I know this sounds crazy to most agents, but I can assure you this is absolutely the case! 

Can you help these motivated prospects?Are you somebody who’s superb at handling buyers and sellers… a loyal, hardworking type person who would rather spend their time selling rather than manual grunt prospecting? Are you the kind of agent who would prefer to have leads given to them to work,screen and nuture?  Do you like the idea of earning ($100,000 to $250,000) in net commission income like the other agents on my team do? If so then you just might be the great sales partner we’re looking for.  Watch this informative video to learn more. 

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