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Why Sellers Lose Time & Money by Waiting Until Spring To Sell Their Home

Monday, September 4, 2017   /   by Ira Miskin

Why Sellers Lose Time & Money by Waiting Until Spring To Sell Their Home

     In metro Atlanta, the "traditional market" for selling a home starts in mid-March and runs through early August to correspond with the impending end of the public school year and the beginning of the next public school year.  It makes sense because many buyers with school aged children do not want to "uproot" their children in the middle of the school year, so they are willing to pay a premium in today's low resale inventory market to keep their children's schedules comfortable and consistent. 


     Our Team sells a lot of homes between March and August to and for families moving for various needs related to schools for their children.  Yet we sell nearly as many homes from October through March for sellers, especially sellers who are also seeking to buy a new home - both sellers looking for a bigger home for a growing family and sellers downsizing from the big home to a more manageable house size and grounds.  


     These are sellers who are taking advantage of the very low inventory during the fall and winter selling and buying season - sellers with good homes that are wisely marketed and correctly priced.  Even for sellers with distressed properties that a buyer willing to do some fix-up work using the purchase and renovate home loans we can help buyers qualify for, can sell homes quickly to buyers willing to put in the sweat equity to buy both a great deal and a great home. 


     With, according to the Economy Forecast Agency, interest rates even for 30 year fixed rate home mortgages are hovering at or below 4%, and with a smaller inventory of homes for sale, smart sellers looking to take advantage of lower competition. They can shape their sale around the change of semesters at or around the New Year to both sell and buy with the advantage of giving up a little on the sale price of their home but making up more than the difference in the purchase of their new home and favorable mortgage interest rates.  


      Supply and demand motivates the market.  With buyers aggressively shopping for a great home in the right school district or community, and a relative shortage of good homes wisely priced and imaginatively marketed, selling during the fall and winter can be a smart financial strategy - one that many investors take advantage of in their renovate and resale programs - often re-selling these homes at a premium. 


     For a free, no obligation price analysis to see what your home can sell for in the fall and winter market, and an in home evaluation to help you learn what you would need to do to get your home ready for sale - and more importantly what you DO NOT need to do and DO NOT need to spend money on - Call: (770) 672-7832 and ask for Stephanie or Ira and tell them you want your free price analysis and in-home evaluation. Our Team's experienced and caring Advisers and a Selling Partners can help you shape your customized selling plan. 


     You can also ask for a free home buyer evaluation to see how good a deal you can find if you did sell your home this fall or winter so you can buy your next home at the same time. 


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