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Why Fall & Early Spring Are The Best Times To Buy A Home

Monday, September 4, 2017   /   by Ira Miskin

Why Fall & Early Spring Are The Best Times To Buy A Home

     Fall is just around the corner.  Football enthusiasts are excited and hopeful.  The heat of summer retreats and cooling gentle breezes bring on a brilliance of fall color as trees put on a glorious show in preparation for their needed winter rest.


      For many of us who thought that buying a new home was getting tougher in this 2017 Seller’s market, and either could not find a home or felt closed out because of rising prices and fierce competition, the Fall and Winter can bring some of the best opportunities for home ownership. 


     Often overlooked by home buyers is that although many home sellers wait to sell in the spring and summer hoping to get a better sale price, they forget that as sellers, if they are also going to buy another home they will be paying top dollar as well.  Savvy sellers know that selling a well-prepared home in the fall and winter may bring a somewhat lower sale price, but a good home that is well presented, and wisely marketed, will bring full market value. And, if they are wise shoppers, a smart buyer will get their new home purchased at that same beneficial (and if they have a great real estate team helping them) or below market values. They benefit both in the sale and their purchase. 


     For buyers entering the home buying market for the first time, or re-entering home ownership after renting, there is hardly a better time to purchase a home. There are many reasons why home sellers need to sell in the fall and winter. Job transfers often occur during the fall to get workers settled before the holiday season and prepared for the New Year.  Schools on semester schedules make it easier to transfer schools with less stress and adjustment for the transferring students. Downsizing buyers, sellers who purchased new construction homes in active adult communities that will be ready for the holidays have had time to prepare great family homes that are often well cared for and sold at fair prices. People who need to sell for a wide variety of personal and financial reasons are often more flexible in price and terms as well.


     Credit is always an important factor in buying a home.  The better your credit history and credit score the better your home loan interest rate will be.  But the economy is also dependent on supply and demand. When there is less loan activity, and when buyers have more choice, interest rates moderate. According to the Economy Forecast Agency, home loan interest rate will drop from October 2017 through March 2018 and for some loan products could be under the still all-time lows of 4% we have been experiencing. 


    As well, there are a number of accessible low down payment and no down payment loans with down payment assistance programs and down payment grant programs for both first time buyers and returning buyers. There is even a special lease to own program backed by an assumable FHA loan program for buyers who need anywhere from one to five years to fix their credit and assume the home loan at the current loan's fixed interest rate.


     Yes fall is right around the corner and the holidays will soon be here. How better to celebrate and start the new year with Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas and New Year's celebrations in one of the greatest gifts you can give your self - your own new home.


   For a free no obligation home-buyer evaluation, and if you are thinking of selling - whether wanting to move up to a larger home or downsizing - a free detailed price evaluation and in-home evaluation for your current home will give you all the needed information you will need to decide on the best way to get market value for your home while taking advantage of the seasonal market values and favorable interest rates.  


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