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Why Do Realtors Sell Houses?

Thursday, October 13, 2011   /   by Ira Miskin

Why Do Realtors Sell Houses?

Why do Realtors and their Teams sell houses? The reasons are as varied as the real estate professionals working in the field. But here is the number one reason I hear from Realtors I have worked with over the years, and from members of our Team. Most often I hear it is the "joy of helping people." Sounds corny, but it is a prevailing attitude. Whether a Realtor does a poor job or brilliant job in assisting a Client in purchasing a home, when the transaction closes they get paid. Then everyone goes their own way. The difference between doing a poor job and a great job can be the attitude we bring to the work each day. For many Buyers, whether it is their first time or the tenth, purchasing a home is a big financial undertaking and an emotional roller coaster ride. Spouses must find agreement; childrens' excitement and fears about moving to a new school, neighborhood and making friends, sadness about leaving old friends behind and anticipation of meeting new neighbors, packing, unpacking and more all can resonate throughout the home search and purchase. Helping Buyers focus on their wants, needs and wishes in order to find their "perfect home" also means getting to know our Buyers, making a new friend, empathizing with their concerns and worries and providing an easy to talk to safe haven for working through those concerns. When a Buyer tells you three months after they have moved into their new home that they "love their home," that's usually code for their having made the right choices for everyone in the family. Schools are good, neighbors are friendly, they feel comfortable and safe in the community and the home itself really did live up to their hopes and expectations. I love my new home means to our Buyers that what may have seemed like climbing a mountain when they started the buying process, now feels like a walk in the park! A month or so after a Buyer moves into their new home we often drive by to see how they have adjusted to their new home and surroundings. It is a lot of fun for us to see and hear how easily and well their lives have "returned to normal." I love my new home means we have accomplished our number one objective when working with Buyers: We've made a new friend - hopefully for life! That's why Realtors sell houses! Remember, selling or buying a home is a process and a journey, not an event, you will want to subscribe to our free video e-mail series for home sellers and buyers. For access to the complete series of free video and informational emails that can provide you with many of the important strategies and information you will need to make the best home selling or buying decisions you can email us at info@TMTRealtyGroup.net and ask for the SPECIAL E-MAIL SERIES REPORTS, the free no obligation series of email reports to be sent to you regularly over the next few weeks. Just put FREE VIDEO EMAIL SERIES in the subject line and let us know if want the home seller or home buyer series. Or contact us directly for free, no obligation information at info@TMTRealtyGroup.net