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The Search For The Perfect Home

Tuesday, September 20, 2011   /   by Ira Miskin

The Search For The Perfect Home

The search for the perfect home begins with painting a mental picture of your perfect home and then writing down your wants, wishes and needs – the special criteria that add form and color to that picture. With that initial inspiration comes some key steps in the search.

Step 1: Find a Realtor who can offer you a variety of specialized services, each crafted to help you achieve your home buying goals. That Realtor should have a Team of specialists available who can provide input and service each step of the way. And that Realtor should be able to offer you a HomeHunter Service ® that can provide you with a well-defined daily list of homes in a variety of categories like foreclosures, pre-foreclosure short sales, retail listings, special distress sale categories like estate owned properties and off market properties from all the realtors and for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) properties. This video can help you define the list of essential services your Realtor should provide.

Step2: Meet with a Lender to pinpoint just how much you can afford to pay for your perfect home. Knowing your price threshold will help you determine many of the wants, wishes and needs on your list of criteria, and will save you time by not searching out homes that are above or below your price. Knowing the essential services your Realtor’s team can provide and having access to Lenders to confidentially discuss your finances and your ability to receive a home loan is a critical early step in your search for the perfect home. This video will help you with a check list of important service criteria you need to consider.

Step 3: Write down your criteria. Meet with your Realtor and write down what you want your home to provide so that your HomeHunter ® searches focus on properties that match your vision of that perfect home. This is when you begin applying form and color and shading to that picture. Which area of your community do you want to live in? East Cobb – Marietta or West Cobb – Powder Springs? Marietta or Woodstock? They are right next door to one another but in different counties. Are schools important? If so, you need to research schools for academic and resource standings. Are the neighborhoods or sub divisions you may be considering on the school bus routes? What style of home do you see in your picture? Contemporary or traditional? Raised ranch or 2-story? Lots of trees and grass or a small, easy to take care of home-site? How many bedrooms and baths? How about a master bedroom on the main level… or do you prefer to have all he bedrooms upstairs? Where should the laundry be; upstairs with the bedrooms or near the kitchen? There are dozens if not more large and small criteria items your Realtor will help you sort through until you have a clear pleasing picture of your perfect home.

Step 4: Start to drive through neighborhoods with homes that peak your interest. Are they close to transportation, highways, schools, shopping? Do you like the sub division recreational area – pool, tennis, more? Or does that even matter to you?

Step 5 Preview homes with your Realtor. Walk through them and take notes. What do you like and not like. Which of your criteria worked on paper but not in reality? On paper having the master bedroom on the main level and away from the children sounded good. But in reality, you are more comfortable with all the bedrooms on the same level. You won’t really know that until you visit homes with master bedrooms on the main level and homes with all the bedrooms grouped together. Now your search matching locations, price, style neighborhood and home amenities and your feelings about the homes you are visiting begin to add clarity to your picture. Once the picture becomes clear, you’ll be surprised how much easier the search becomes.

It all begins with painting that mental picture of your perfect home and then finding the right Team to help you find it, buy it and enjoy it for years to come.

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