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Sometimes The Last Is the Best

Saturday, September 3, 2011   /   by Ira Miskin

Sometimes The Last Is the Best

Experienced Buyers Agents hear this one all the time from their Clients: Weve looked at so many houses today, this is the last one, and its not very pretty, lets just call it a day and start again tomorrow. Any Realtor who is an advocate for their Client, especially those who have shown thousands of homes and sold many hundreds of homes knows that you should never judge a book by its cover. A property that you may not think, from the outside is cute, or pretty or elegant, may have all the attributes you are seeking on the inside; and because it may not be the prettiest home on the block, may be far more negotiable in price. And if you dont like the homes color, or the porch is uglytheres rarely anything about a home that cannot be changed to suit your individual tastes.

As is often the case, when you open the books cover and peer inside at the pictures and words you discover a story well worth reading. For example, one of our in-town Clients had very definite views on what they were looking for. They were at the end of a long day, having seen nearly 20 homes that did not suit. This last home didnt have any of the street view attributes they were looking for and they decided to just pass it by. In their carefully customized HomeHunter ® daily list of the hottest new listings, it looked, on paper, that it had nearly everything they wanted  space, renovated and updated features, right neighborhood, close to favorite shops and restaurants but a lack of curb appeal turned them off. It was the last property on the list on a long day of disappointments.

Were here, urged their Realtor, who had heard this refrain before. Tired, grumpy, disappointed, hungry are all symptoms of frustration, and work against tenacity and judgment, two important attributes Realtors hope to imbue in their Buyers or that their Buyers come already equipped with. Either way, she urged with the bribe, Ill buy the snacks to tide us over until dinner

Long story short, inside it was everything - from the front entry to the back fence - they were looking for! The last home at the end of a very long day at the end of an even longer search turned out to be exactly what the Buyer was searching for. Offer made, terms negotiated, inspections, appraisal, closing MOVE IN DAY WOW WE LOVE IT  WERE SO HAPPY! Even the boring front, with just a few touches, now ranks high on their I Love My Home list.

So dont give up, and dont judge a book by its cover because more often than not, sometimes the last is the best!