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Slowdown For The Holidays

Wednesday, November 30, 2011   /   by Ira Miskin

Slowdown For The Holidays

In the Atlanta Metro Area, as the winter season begins to settle in, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a seasonal slowdown in home sales activity. That doesn't mean there are fewer homes for sale. Nor does it mean "motivated Buyers" are any less motivated to buy a home. What seems to occur is a "mental sigh" accompanied by a significant slowdown in showing activity. True, most of us are thinking about the upcoming holiday events, days off spent with friends and family, a few days of rest before re-entering the fray as a prelude to the spring and summer selling season. However, for us and our Team, it is not unusual to be writing or negotiating an Agreement the night before Thanksgiving or the day before Christmas. A wonderful holiday present for both Buyers and Sellers is a firm agreement leading to a closed home sale. We know too, that REO asset managers don't shut down in December and rejoin the market again in January. The clock and ticker is always running on the millions of dollars of assets on their books. We have concluded many a great deal for our Buyers right around the holidays. Sellers, reaching out to those "motivated Buyers" with innovative marketing and pricing adjustments can often bring a sale that otherwise might be missed. For Buyers, your negotiating power is at a peak. Everyone should be ready, willing and able to make a good win-win deal. So don't slow down for the holidays. You could have the best Christmas ever! Don't forget...selling or buying a home is a process and a journey, not an event, you will want to subscribe to our free video e-mail series for home sellers and buyers. For access to the complete series of free video and informational emails that can provide you with many of the important strategies and information you will need to make the best home selling or buying decisions you can email us at info@TMTRealtyGroup.net and ask for the SPECIAL E-MAIL SERIES REPORTS, the free no obligation series of email reports to be sent to you regularly over the next few weeks. Just put FREE VIDEO EMAIL SERIES in the subject line and let us know if want the home seller or home buyer series. Or contact us directly for free, no obligation information at info@TMTRealtyGroup.net