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He Loves It, She Hates It – She Loves It, He Hates It

Monday, September 12, 2011   /   by Ira Miskin

He Loves It, She Hates It – She Loves It, He Hates It

Buying a home is not a hop, skip and a jump. It is a process that often begins many months before you ever start visiting properties with your Realtor. Preparing for the journey is important because once you begin, unless you are prepared for the emotional roller coaster it can sometimes become, you will feel frustrated, become disappointed, and lose sight of the fun it should be and the marvelous end result at the end of the journey.

This is a word of gentle advice and caution to all couples embarking on the search for a new home. Part of your planning, and a definite chapter in your discussions with your Realtor is for both parties (meaning the adults who will be purchasing and living together in the home) to spend quality time discussing your individual needs, wants and wishes – everything from basement or no basement to which direction the master bedroom faces. Not to put too fine a point on this, but there will be the inevitable compromises. However they should not be capitulation because one or the other partner in the purchase digs in their heels and refuses to budge.

It all starts with your search on paper. We, for example, offer a specialized daily feed of highly costumed listing information through our HomeHunter Service®. The Realtor on our Team working with you will have spent a considerable amount of time talking with you about everything from price to home style to school preferences and distance to work issues and more. That preliminary information goes in to crafting your daily HomeHunter Service® list of homes to consider. This is the time to get the big issues out on the table. You love Cape Cod style homes with peaked rooflines and wide front porches. Your spouse or partner loves traditional 2-story homes with clean lines and lots of windows. You want to be close to work; he wants to be close to his job too, but you work on the opposite ends of town.

You can begin to see that spending days or weeks and sometimes months looking for the “compromise home” can both stretch out the process and add unnecessary stress and discord to the search. Here is where using your Realtor as a sounding board for ideas, working with your Realtor to help you really break down the positives and negatives of homes you are previewing, and then categorizing those yea’s and nay’s will help you to see the difference between compromise and capitulation. You will have worked through and appreciate those wants, needs and wishes that can divide rather than unite you in making a good decision about the right home at the best price.
One young couple working with one of our Team’s Buyer Specialist Realtors found themselves in exactly the position we all strive to avoid. Although they were able to agree on most of the major issues, their more subtle likes and dislikes – owing to how a home “felt” to each of them, caused significant strife during the search process. It was not until they and their Realtor spent some quality time talking about what felt right and what felt wrong to each of them that they discovered what was separating them and stopping them from picking a home to purchase. Now finding properties they both “felt” good about was much easier and within a week they agreed on the home they will be closing on next month.

All the checklists in the world won’t make a home purchase right if, despite the great price you bought it for, you love it and he hates it… or he loves it and you hate it! We love our new home are the most important 5 words you want to say to one another about your new home purchase!
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