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Going The Extra Mile

Friday, September 9, 2011   /   by Ira Miskin

Going The Extra Mile

Whether you are buying or selling a home, look for a Realtor with the reputation of going the extra mile for their Clients. Going the extra mile can mean many things. Often they are small details that crop up before, during and after the end of a purchase or sale. Did I say after a sale closes? Yes, even after a sale closes.

Here’s a simple example of how duty and service should extend beyond the closing of a transaction. It may seem like a small issue, but to the Buyer involved it was really important.

For one young first-time home buyer couple, finding a home they could both afford and fall in love with in Alpharetta Georgia, and then the process of buying the home was a continual, seemingly never ending list of “oh my gosh” details. But this is true in nearly every purchase or sale of a home. As Realtors we work daily through the list of items necessary to be taken care of during the process of buying or selling a home. Most of the steps repeat over and again from transaction to transaction. For Buyers or Sellers who may only purchase or sell a home once every seven to ten years, or only once in their lifetime, everything you have to do can, at times, seem monumental. Because most of the tasks you must take care of, most of the decisions you have to make, are being done for the first time, we must be your trusted advisor, educator and guide.

So now the transaction is complete. You have made it through the Closing. The Seller has presented the key, garage door openers and their best wishes to the Buyer and its move-in day. This young couple who was so nervous about every detail is moving in and is really excited about spending their first night together in their own home! Move-in day is on a Saturday. For most of us who work with Buyers, Saturday is a busy day of showing homes to our Clients. Ring, ring… the Realtor on our Team who successfully guided this first-time home buyer couple through their first home-buying experience is calling and there’s the sound of panic in their voices. “None of our toilets work! What do we do?”

At the walk-through the day before the close of their sale, everything seemed to be in good order. Sink faucets flowed, toilets flushed, lights switched on and off. But now its 4 PM on a Saturday, they are exhausted and ready to crash, and “all the toilets are broken!”

“Okay,” she replied. “I’m way on the other side of town in Kennesaw, and I’m certainly not a plumber, but I’ll call the Seller directly to see if they did anything before they moved out that might have caused the toilets to stop working. “ And so she tracked down the Seller who explained that he had cut off the water to each of the commodes just to be sure there wouldn’t be any leaks during the time between the walk-through and the closing. “Hi guys…problem solved. Just turn the water valve at the base of each commode a few turns and the water will start to flow.”

Several days later, after settling into their new home they called that Realtor. They wanted to thank her for “going the extra mile” for them. “We tell everyone about how you helped us find our dream home and were there for us even when it was no longer your responsibility. We love our new home! Thank you!”

Choose a Realtor who will Go the Extra Mile!

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