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Feedback - A Direct Line into The Buyer's Mind

Tuesday, September 27, 2011   /   by Ira Miskin

Feedback - A Direct Line into The Buyer's Mind

Realtors who represent a number of listings throughout the Atlanta Metro Area work hard to help sellers prepare their property to look its best for showings to prospective Buyers and their Buyers Realtors. It makes no difference whether its an executive level home in Alpharetta or Roswell, or a once popular Contemporary design in Kennesaw or Marietta, or a 60s 4-side-brick ranch in Acworth or Canton, putting your home into show quality condition helps sell homes more quickly than when a home is poorly presented.

It takes a partnership between the Seller and their Realtor and Team to sell any home. They share common goals: sell the home for the best price in the shortest time with the least hassle. Reaching those goals takes cooperation and, occasionally a few dings to ones pride in order to get the job done. If your Realtor and their Team is experienced and marketing savvy, they will advise you on what the best plan is for getting your home and property into show quality condition. Sometimes the changes they may be suggesting wont necessarily be a message you want to hear. Why, you may wonder wont a Buyer like your decorations, curtains, paint colors. Cant they ignore cigarette odor, unwashed laundry on top of the washer, unmade beds, cat litter odor the environment you have lived with for years and are used to.

Buyers are trying to imagine themselves living in your home. They often have difficulty looking past your art and decorating and sometimes unkempt yard or messy interior. If that sounds a bit harsh, remember a property that has not been carefully prepared and maintained during the entire selling process will inevitably take longer to sell and often sells for less than it would have indeed should have. Most Sellers do understand the fiscal importance of preparing and maintaining their home for sale. But some do not agree and therefore the importance of Buyer feedback.

Effective Realtors gather feedback several ways. In the Atlanta Metro area most Realtors utilize the Supra e-key system which sends showing notices to your Realtor and feedback request emails to the Buyers Realtors after each showing. Some Realtors also use 3rd party Feedback survey systems that send detailed Feedback surveys to Buyers Realtors. Additionally your Realtor will call the showing Agent to get further details, especially if the survey feedback is negative.

Feedback information is like a window into the Buyers, and the Buyers Realtors minds. Both positive and negative feedback regarding a propertys physical and aesthetic condition, their estimate of its market value, details about what the Buyer did and did not like about the property  from the kitchen is too small to the back yard is overgrown on the negative side, to a pleasure to show, well maintained inside and out on the positive. You want firsthand information about why a Buyer has not made an offer on your property.

These feedback surveys are shared with the Sellers so they know within a day or two of each showing exactly what the Buyer thought of their home. If you receive the same feedback from more than one Buyer  its is a sure sign you have an issue that needs to be corrected in order to effectively sell the property. A Buyers Realtor who may be working with more than one Client wont be back. After a few weeks Buyers will just stop coming because Realtors know when a property is unlovable because it is unkempt and in disrepair.

If a Buyer does not like the floor plan you cannot change that. But you may be able to stage furniture to help direct the flow. If your home feels dark because of heavy draperies covering the windows, or a large tree close to your home that leans toward the home scares Buyers, you can remove these negatives from the equation.

Caution: Do not ignore Buyer Feedback. Buyers are telling you what they like and dont like about your home. And they are telling you how to correct the problems. Often the off-putting problems are easy to correct. When you eliminate the negatives and accentuate the positives your home will sell faster, for more money and with a lot less hassle.

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