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Saturday, July 2, 2022   /   by Ira Miskin


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A sure sign the market is starting its march toward pricing sanity (average list prices have decreased by 1.4% in the last 30 days!) are the notices we are receiving letting us know homes listed for sale are reducing their price. Why? Because with rising interest rates for home mortgages and the realization buyers with a home they must sell to buy a new home will have more buying choices as prices escalate more slowly, selling regardless of price will quickly go out of fashion!

That means the pricing evaluation completed for you if you are planning or needing to sell you home can’t be the quickly assembled surface comparisons so often provided these days. It must be thoughtful, recognizing trends and buyer values – not just financial but personal. How well does this home rise up to meet the buyer’s expectations... what are the benefits of owning this home vs. another home vs. not buying at all? How does the price reflect the value of this home in comparison to the market, neighborhood, street? How well does the price reflect and raise buyer interests because price meets the benefits of buying and owning your home?

A full and thoroughly researched and statistically astute, clear home evaluation for YOUR home, not just homes like your home, along with a clear understanding of how long it will take to sell, and what will be your bottom line at the end of the sale... that is what an in-home evaluation must provide. Not just a price... A Pricing Plan!

Anything less and you are in for a ride... because mispricing a home in a changing market means being ignored. Contrary to how it has been these last few COVID-19 years, a poorly priced home with no pricing strategy to mesh closely with a well planned and executed marketing strategy, all meant to target your ideal buyer customer is what you will need. And this is what you should demand of any Agent vying for the privilege of selling your home for you.

You should ask: Can that agent beat the average agent and market price earned for the sale of homes they present?

• The Miskin team and YHSGR sells homes for an average of 3.5% more than the average agent. On a typical $350,000 sale that’s $12,250 more in the seller’s pocket than gained by the average Atlanta Metro Agent.

You’ll want to know: Will that agent sell your home more quickly and with less stress and hassle than the Average Metro Atlanta Agent?

• The Miskin team and YHSGR sells homes in an average of 7 days vs. the average agent who, even in the Hot COVID market still sold homes in 24 days?

For market and negotiating experience you’ll want to know: How many homes does the average agent sell each year to give them confidence, competence, and leverage?

• The average agent sells 3 homes a year. YHSGR sells nearly 3 homes a day!

What about risk? Will the Agent assume the risk for the sale?

• Will the average Agent guarantee that your home will sell at full market value of they’ll pay the difference to you? No. But The Miskin Team and YHSGR will!

Before you choose the Agent and Team to help you sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time and with the least hassle, (the benchmark for a successful sale!) research and compare what is being promised before you make that decision to sell. So that when you do, you choose with confidence the Agent with a Team who has the skill and experience to complete a financial plan and marketing plan with guarantees for performance so that your home IS sold fast, for top market value and with the least hassle and stress for you.

To learn more about The Miskin Team’s FREE, NO Obligation pricing and market evaluation, and our awesome performance Guarantees to take the stress and risk out of our home’s sale, call us direct at 770-672-7832.