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A Sense of Where You Are

Monday, October 3, 2011   /   by Ira Miskin

A Sense of Where You Are

When choosing a Realtor and their Team to guide you in the purchase of your next home, be sure to ask how familiar they are with the Market Area and local communities you are interested in. An experienced Team will not only have access to all the homes that match your criteria listed by all Realtors, and access to homes whose owner's listings have expired or been withdrawn yet may still be interested in selling their home, but will have specialized knowledge about individual homes that may not have made your initial criteria list. Experienced Realty Teams meet regularly and share information about properties they have previewed and researched, and properties they have visited with Clients. They will discuss the attributes and negatives of these properties and evaluate them as potential properties to preview for current or future Buyer Clients. This is really important because a Team of Realtors working together may have visited 50 or more properties in one week. Many will be just average. But some will be memorable for their negatives while others memorable for their positives. Sharing that research with first hand feedback provides valuable specialized knowledge with assessments from both the Realtor and their Buyer Clients that can be provided to you by your Realtor. Recently one of the Realtors on our Team, working with a Client, previewed a home that was in very good condition in a well-tended sub division in a strong school district at a competitive price. Although the home did not suit her Client's needs, the information about that home was passed along and provided to another Realtor on the Team who was working with a Client for whom this might be an excellent choice. Client #2 had some specific travel time and distance criteria concerning travel from home to work in Cobb Countys always congested traffic. They had previewed a number of homes in Marietta within their work to home radius with no success. Travel time seemed to be dominating their search to the exclusion of some potentially suitable properties outside that constraint. Their Realtor took the suggestion of previewing this potentially suitable property in Powder Springs, just next door to the west of Marietta. She researched it. She reviewed her Client's list of needs, wants and wishes. Before starting their next home previewing appointment she asked her Client to spend a few minutes reviewing their criteria and especially their travel criteria. She asked them to consider, in the grand scheme of things how important an extra few miles travel would be if the property they came home to really fit their list of important needs, wants and wishes... with a minor adjustment to their want or wish lists. They agreed to look at the home, but travel time was "real important." Their Realtor had listened to them as they previewed other properties. She felt she did know what features and benefits were really important to her Client. In Metro Atlanta, where traffic is either horrible or terrible, letting a few miles travel distance dominate their search was diverting attention from finding the best home for them. So they visited this home that was rejected by Client 1 but which seemed perfect for Client 2. And perfect it was! It is of great advantage to every Buyer when their Realtor and Team have the specialized knowledge of both the market and individual homes to help them search out that perfect new home. Their Realtor needs to have a sense of where they are. Remember, selling or buying a home is a process and a journey, not an event, you will want to subscribe to our free video e-mail series for home sellers and buyers. For access to the complete series of free video and informational emails that can provide you with many of the important strategies and information you will need to make the best home selling or buying decisions you can email us at info@TMTRealtyGroup.net and ask for the SPECIAL E-MAIL SERIES REPORTS, the free no obligation series of email reports to be sent to you regularly over the next few weeks. Just put FREE VIDEO EMAIL SERIES in the subject line and let us know if want the home seller or home buyer series. Or contact us directly for free, no obligation information at info@TMTRealtyGroup.net