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Asher’s Journey in Fighting a Rare Form of Childhood Cancer

Wednesday, July 14, 2021   /   by Ira Miskin

Asher’s Journey in Fighting a Rare Form of Childhood Cancer

Childrens Atlanta Miskin.jpgIt was a simple iPhone photo that started Asher’s journey in fighting a rare form of childhood cancer. It was his mom's amateur photography skills and “whim” to pursue a nursing degree that saved his life.

When Asher was 3 months old, his mom was casually taking pictures of him when the flash accidentally went off. This startled Asher and made his eyes open wide. When she went to delete the overexposed photo, she noticed something strange, and it wasn't the common red eye caused by a flash. Instead, his entire right pupil glowed white. She remembered learning about “the glow” in her nursing school’s pediatrics class. Right then and there, she knew her son had cancer.

Asher was diagnosed with Grade D Retinoblastoma and was very close to losing his right eye. Between that moment and today, Asher has undergone 54 eye exams (and counting), laser and cryotherapy as well as numerous rounds of systemic chemotherapy. Despite losing his vision in his right eye, this karate-kicking, baseball-playing, LEGO-loving 7-year-old is graduating to the Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center survivorship clinic.

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